At Sleep Depot Inc, we want to make sure that you’ve got the sleep essentials. A good night’s sleep means more than a comfy mattress. It means quality pillows and preserving the integrity of your mattress. Visit our mattress store in Mission and speak with one of our sleep experts about the accessories we provide.

A blissful sleep can be just a pillow away. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back, there are many options. There are also options for the material of your pillows. Some people want something firm while others want their pillows soft. Pillows can also be made of synthetic materials like memory foam or hypoallergenic material. These materials can regulate temperature. Pillows can also be made out of natural material including feathers and down. If you’re looking to buy bedroom pillows in Mission, Abbotsford, or the Fraser Valley, visit Sleep Depot Inc.

An often forgotten piece of quality sleep is mattress care. It’s important to keep your mattress protected so that your sleep quality remains consistent for years. Our Mission location is happy to carry a selection of bed protectors. Your bed and your mattress is your haven from the day’s stress. Mattress protectors are recommended for those with children or pets. Both can prematurely add wear and tear to mattresses and disrupt sleep quality. But general daily use also ages your mattress. We always explain how mattress protectors are a smart investment to anyone shopping for a mattress at our Mission store. Your long term quality of sleep is important to us.

Buying bedroom pillows and mattress protectors at Sleep Depot is an easy process. Our loyal customers know that these two accessories pay huge dividends in the end. Pillows add to the quality of your sleep and protectors ensure that that quality remains consistent for years to come.

If you’re buying a mattress, visit Sleep Depot Inc in the heart of Mission. Our sleep experts will be happy to chat about finding the right bedroom pillows and mattress protectors for you. Come visit our mattress store today.

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