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Purchasing a new mattress is a big investment but having exceptional sleep quality is well worth it. Sleep Depot Inc. ensures that your investment lasts. It’s important to know your manufacturer’s warranty so that you can have the highest quality sleep for years to come. In order to preserve the integrity of your new mattress, the team at Sleep Depot highly recommends that you buy a mattress protector and other sleep accessories at our Mission mattress store.

It’s important to know that most mattress brands won’t honour their manufacturer’s warranty without an approved mattress protector and/or bedframe. Ask our expert sleep technicians which mattress protector is best for your lifestyle.


We carry approved Slumber Shields used by the hospitality industry to protect your beds from dust mites, spills, sweat, and so much more. We carry encasements to protect from bed bugs as well as cotton covers. Whatever your needs, protection shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Families commonly put their mattresses through their paces. Kids love using their beds for trampolines or eating with mom and dad on lazy weekends. Mattresses are put to the test when furry friends are allowed in the bedroom. Dogs and cats can wreak havoc on a mattress. It’s important that you protect your mattress from spills, dirt, and the daily wear and tear your family is bound to put it through. Browse our selection of mattresses at our Mission store to know which best suits your lifestyle.


Bed protectors are well-engineered to preserve the quality of your mattress. They can also be engineered to stay cool and comfortable. Keeping your bed dry and clean enhances the many benefits of your new mattress. Visit our Mission location to see how a mattress protector can fit perfectly around any mattress of your choosing.

Sleep Depot Inc. is your source for mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, and your sleep essentials. Visit our Mission mattress store today.

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