How do you sleep? Are you a side sleeper? Do you have a side you prefer? Maybe you sleep on your back but you’ve recently been experiencing neck or back pain? Choosing the right pillow is essential to the quality of your sleep. We understand that budget is a factor when choosing pillows, especially after investing in a mattress. Visit Sleep Depot at our Mission mattress store and chat with our sleep experts to find out what kind of pillow benefits you most.

There’s a pillow for everyone. The first step is knowing what position you’re most comfortable sleeping in. It’s important that your neck and spine are always supported correctly. Nagging aches and pains can either be caused or magnified by a poor sleeping position. It’s also advised to test your pillow with your mattress to feel the combination of the two. Visit Sleep Depot in person at our Mission mattress store for more helpful tips.


Here are some basic styles of pillows that work for your sleep position:

  • Back: your pillow should provide medium support to your neck without placing it in a compromised position by forcing your head forward or backward. Your head should be comfortable as it’s cradled in this position.
  • Side: your pillow should be firm. It should keep your spine aligned as it shapes to your body against the mattress.
  • Stomach: your pillow should be soft so as not to stress your lower back and neck. Your head should be supported in a comfortable position.


The material of your pillow is the next important characteristic you have to decide. Different materials offer different benefits. Choose between a natural or synthetic pillow filling. Feathers, down, or a mixture of the two usually fill natural pillows. Organic latex pillows are made with tree sap and are naturally hypoallergenic and provide a firmer feel as well as temperature regulation. The feel of your pillow is a matter of personal preference. A mix of both down and feathers feels soft while still providing support by shaping to your head and neck. Gel, memory foam, or high-performance materials fill synthetic pillows. Synthetic material offer benefits including regulating your temperature and moisture. They can also be hypoallergenic which is a great alternative to those allergic to down or feathers.

Whatever your pillow needs, visit Sleep Depot in Mission and talk to our sleep experts. Come in today and test for yourself which pillow is right for you.

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